I’m a guitar player singer/songwriter from New England. Over the past 30 years I have been writing, performing and recording in various musical configurations. The musical works, images and videos on this website are a part of that experience.   — DSB

"Brown's timeless lyrics use naturalistic and spiritual images to dig at truths that have gotten buried by the detritus of modern life; he knows the danger in forgetting, and the power in remembrance. His music is never flashy or attention-seeking, but always inviting in its subtlety, and warming as it grows familiar."

"You may have heard something like it before–perhaps in the huskiness of Harry Belafonte's voice, or in the wanderlust of Lucinda Williams' lyrics, or in the ghosts that haunt the songs of the Band–but never all in one place, and never so effortlessly assembled, as in the capable hands and voice of David Scott Brown."   — Ned Lannamann